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Vessel Due Diligence

What are the challenges you face?

Buyers of vessels want to understand what a vessel has done in the past.  This information is hard to obtain after the fact and hard to interpret.  Insurers want to know the track record of a vessel, or the operator or owner.

How we support you in solving these challenges?

Combining domain expertise with extensive historic data

Sirius Insight holds data on commercial vessel movements globally going back at least 6 years and it is able to combine that with domain expertise and data from others sources (e.g. satellite observation, vessel inspections) in order to help investigators and buyers understand what a vessel was doing at a given time.

Specific periods can be investigated with high resolution satellite imagery used to verify vessel movements and operations.

Our Solutions

As a leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the marine environment, Sirius Insight delivers integrated and enhanced information to help you make informed critical decisions. We support you with your challenges, from understanding what your problems are to supplying you with automated and actionable information that can be used. Our range of applications to view this information is what makes us unique.


Our risk tool gives a Star rating of 1 to 5 (where 5 is the least likely to claim) as well as presenting all of the analysed factors in an easy-to-view single page dashboard to help the insurer understand the vessel and its risk rating.


The SiriusCompliance sanction tool uses many years of vessel history informed by AIS and satellite imagery to determine unusual activity.


It tracks vessels by global AIS, validated by satellite imagery where available, and provides alerts on potential breaches of sanctions by monitoring signals such as proximity to sanctioned ports, anchorages and known illegal vessels and AIS 'behaviour'.

‘We have worked with Sirius to develop a claims forecasting tool to help us use artificial intelligence in the assessment of marine insurance risk.  We have several years of data now and the reliability of its output means that we have incorporated the tool as part of our risk selection and pricing processes'.

CEO, P&I Club

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