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The National Coastwatch Institution

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) plays an important role in supporting the protection and preservation of life at sea and along the UK’s coastline.

There are almost 60 NCI stations in operation, manned by over 2,600 volunteer watchkeepers, which provide observation and trained assistance in dealing with maritime emergencies.


NCI sites rely on time-consuming and resource-intensive human watchkeeping and, so, were seeking technological support to ease the burden on their talented volunteers. Traditional visual watchkeeping is also badly affected by poor weather conditions.


Sirius Insight deployed its leading maritime surveillance products to the NCI site at Folkestone, enabling volunteer watchkeepers to dedicate their time and skills to helping those in need while our products performed autonomous surveillance in the background. Our system operates day and night, in all weathers, every day of the year, providing autonomous alerts of suspicious or dangerous maritime activity.

“Thank you, Sirius Insight for all you have done to enhance our coastwatching capabilities.”

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