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Small Vessels

What are the challenges you face?

Tracking small vessels presents particular difficulties. Small vessels and small boats are frequently used for illicit purposes but are hard to track on radar and normally do not have AIS.

How we support you in solving these challenges?

Our tools help small vessel detection

By combining specially-tuned radar with optical and thermal cameras, the Sirius Insight system is able to detect, verify and track small vessels and small boats at a sufficient distance to allow timely interdiction.

Our Solutions

As a leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the marine environment, Sirius Insight delivers integrated and enhanced information to help you make informed critical decisions. We support you with your challenges, from understanding what your problems are to supplying you with automated and actionable information that can be used. Our range of applications to view this information is what makes us unique.



Watchkeeper interface shows a plot of fused radar, AIS and camera contacts and a network of tracks from overlapping sensor locations.


Automatically directed cameras slew to radar contacts to enable verification/identification of contact, or track vessels outside of coverage.



'Dark cockpit' display alerts an operator to a single track of interest, with alerts generated by pattern of life algorithms or logic rules.  Alerts can be tailored for specific missions, such as unusual activity near critical asset.

Can be distributed to multiple stakeholders avoiding need for experienced users to be constantly overseeing the data.



Automated detections of 'target vessels', geo-located by camera, and fused with radar, ais and radio/cellular phone analysis.  

Vessel and/or activity can be selected as triggers for alerts.

‘Sirius Insight’s support to the Joint Maritime Security Centre during the planning and execution of the Brexit transition period was outstanding.  Their agility and delivery of maritime security capability to support high security operations at short notice and to protect the integrity of UK territorial waters over a longer timeframe has been first class.  Their understanding of the nuances and complexities of the maritime environment sets them apart from their competitors.’

Director Operations, Joint Maritime Security Centre

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