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Maritime Surveillance

What We Do

Sirius Insight is a global innovator in maritime data and analysis.

Our maritime surveillance technology integrates proprietary AI with existing commercially available sensors to generate a dynamic new data fusion visualisation platform, INSIGHT, that delivers enhanced performance and availability with significantly lower operating and service costs.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen surveillance, safety and security at sea. At scale.

What We Do

Our Solutions


Our coastal sensor suites, powered by INSIGHT, provide real-time alerts relating to territorial waters, complementing maritime data feeds.

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Our Uncrewed Air Systems (UAS), Quasar, extend surveillance to the outer limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone ("EEZ").

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Our inshore surveillance system, easily installed for short periods, tailored to focussed maritime operations in a confined area, supplying and logging vessel imagery.

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Our vessel-based platform, Nautar, supports response assets to interdict suspicious activity in a timely and efficient manner.

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Sirius Insight’s remote monitoring station…has greatly improved our Search & Rescue capability by reducing the amount of time it takes to locate a casualty and facilitate their immediate rescue.

  Jersey Coastguard

Sirius Insight’s support to the Joint Maritime Security Centre during the planning and execution of the Brexit transition period was outstanding. 

Their understanding of the nuances and complexities of the maritime environment sets them apart from their competitors.

  UK Home Office

Sirius Insight’s agility and delivery of maritime security capability to, inter alia, the G7 conference in Cornwall, COP 26 in Glasgow and support to Jersey following the fishing blockade was first class.

  Joint Maritime Security Centre

Thank you, Sirius Insight for all you have done to enhance our coastwatching capabilities.

  National Coastwatch Institution