MarINE insurance

Analytics and vessel RISK prediction,

and maritime surveillance

SiriusInsight.AI is a dual purpose company focussed on the maritime sector.


Informed by deep domain knowledge, our revolutionary AI-driven data analytics platform and predictive algorithms provide marine insurers with a cutting edge risk prediction tool; enabling insurers, owners and operators to better understand and price vessel risk.

Our pioneering Maritime Surveillance Sensor Suites deliver a complete, persistent picture of maritime activity

in and beyond our territorial waters, enabling maritime situational awareness for government and other agencies. 

Our DaTA applied to marine insurance

We have collated a huge volume of shipping data over 4 years, we track 230,000 vessels daily and gather information on 50 behavioural categories; this allow us to apply unparalleled rigour and depth to our analysis.

This voluminous database feeds our AI tool to predict, with >80% accuracy, whether a vessel will make a claim in the next 12 months.

In addition to our vessel risk prediction tool, we can provide bespoke reports on behaviour, for example in relation to a vessels proximity to sanctioned areas and vessels, or to determine a pattern of activity.


Our data dashboards show a plethora of behavioural information for vessels and fleets, providing an intuitive feel for the manner in which a vessel is operated.

Our marine insurance USP

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Our work is conceived and overseen by executives with unparalleled maritime domain expertise and deep understanding of vessel operations.

Our Tech team's ground breaking algorithms are set to revolutionise the methodology of the marine insurance markets because we combine the latest AI capabilities with experienced mariners understanding and sense of the domain.


Our vessel risk predictions are currently >80% accurate!


Our pioneering sea surveillance capability

Alongside our predictive algorithms we have developed a unique sea surveillance capability that delivers persistent multi-sensor data on all vessel detections.

Sensor data is fused at source and delivered for visualisation into any new or existing infrastructure.

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This persistent real time picture can be adapted and utilised to monitor any open, coastal or inland waterway, or port.


This enables persistent situational awareness, improved command and control, cueing for interception, safety awareness and evidence gathering.

It delivers enhanced maritime safety and security, and territorial, coastal and border integrity.


Executive Management Team


Malcolm Glaister

Chief Executive Officer

Malcolm studied Computer Science at Durham and then, after 9 years in the Royal Navy, began a career in technology and operations first with GE Capital and then JPMorgan.  He spent time in management roles with AIG Investments and Lloyds Banking Group before founding his own FCA regulated advisory business. Malcolm is a Fellow of the Institute of Securities and Investments, Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute, an Elder Brother and Trustee at the Corporation of Trinity House, and supports a number of veteran and maritime charities.  


Nick Cooke-Priest

Chief Operating Officer

Nick retired from the Royal Navy in December 2019 after 30 Years as an aviator, warfare officer and 4 times Commanding Officer, including the Aircraft Carrier HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH.  He has commanded numerous maritime operations globally, worked in multinational operational headquarters at home and abroad and directly with Government in the Ministry of Defence. 


Anthony Rix

Head of Maritime

Anthony retired from the Royal Navy as a Rear Admiral of the Operations Branch. In his 34 year naval career he commanded major warships and multi-national operations around the world. Since leaving the RN he has developed a career in Maritime Security, Consulting and Maritime Situational Awareness. He joined SiriusInsight.AI in 2017.


Chris Hancock

Chief Financial Officer

Christopher is a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Financier who has extensive experience of assisting companies with first funding through to IPO and exit. He trained with Arthur Andersen before entering corporate finance with Barings and then JPMorgan Cazenove. He has been advisor and non-executive director to a number of start-ups and more established operating companies.


The Advisory Board

David Willets.jpg

The Rt. Hon the Lord Willetts FRS

Chair of the Advisory Board and NED

Lord (David) Willetts served as the Member of Parliament for Havant, as a Paymaster General in the last Conservative Government and as a Minister for Universities and Science, including responsibilities for Space. Also, David created the Newton Fund whilst Science Minister to promote science and research capabilities.


Professor Mischa Dohler


Mischa Dohler is full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, driving cross-disciplinary research and innovation in technology, sciences and arts. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET); and a Distinguished Member of Harvard Square Leaders Excellence. He is a serial entrepreneur; composer & pianist with 5 albums on Spotify/iTunes; and fluent in 6 languages. He acts as policy advisor on issues related to digital, skills and education. He has had ample coverage by national and international press and media.

190819 CliveJ_edited.jpg

Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone KBE CB

Geopolitics and International Partnerships

Sir Clive Johnstone is a recently retired Vice Admiral who until recently was NATO's Maritime Commander and principal maritime advisor to SACEUR. He has an impressive international and policy network and a broad strategic understanding.  He has led Ships, Operational Commands and Headquarters and has a reputation as a change agent and innovator as well as having the ability to spot talent and enable others to shine. He is a proud champion of diversity and is an elite sports mentor - bringing an understanding of 'winning' into his daily business.


Andy Green


Andy has spent most of his career in the Telecoms, IT and Technology world with many years boardroom experience in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. He has a fascination with, and a unique perspective on, the impact of the Digital Age in business strategy across all sectors of the economy.

peter townsend_edited_edited-1.jpg

Peter Townsend

Marine Insurance

Peter's work experience includes insurance in Lloyd’s syndicates, reinsurance in Dennis M Clayton and hull and liability underwriting in Swiss Re. Peter was elected to the Joint Hull Committee in 2010, and was elected Chairman of that body in 2013. He regularly lectures at the Lloyd’s Maritime Academy, the technical courses for the Chartered Insurance Institute and has spoken at IUMI and Salvage conferences.


Matthew Gilpin

Legal and NED

Matthew has a proven record in a variety of investment and corporate management related disciplines including asset management, law, compliance, regulation, tax structuring, corporate governance, regulation, litigation, equity markets, fundraising, and human resource management.

jeremy merchant.png

Jeremy Merchant CGC


Jeremy served in the Royal Marines and Special Forces for over 30 years.  His diverse military career has left him with a broad range of useful skills including extensive experience and understanding of working with people in multi-cultural environments, and in other often stressful and complex situations spanning peacekeeping, combating organised crime, countering terrorism and war fighting.  Jeremy has applied these skills to enhance a commercial capability gained over five years as Director of Operations for a leading Risk Management Company based in central London, and more recently as CEO of Mercator Global Enterprises.




European Space Agency

European Space Agency is providing grant funding to SiriusInsight.AI under the Business Application project framework.


Innovate UK

Innovate UK funded a collaboration project betwen SIriusInsight.AI and Kings College London within the Emerging and Enabling Technologies Programme.

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