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Sanction Compliance

What are the challenges you face?

The UN and other governing bodies adopted sanctions to counter the risk that the shipping sector could be used to carry out activities prohibited by Security Council resolutions.  However trading in goods from countries is often difficult to spot, with transgressors adopting many tactics to avoid detection.


The countries which are subject to sanctions are subject to change and the UK Government’s proposed General Licence for countries which deal with sanctioned countries is likely to make the sanctioned vessels very dynamic. In addition to the distances involved and the remote locations, vessels looking to circumvent sanctions will employ a range of techniques to cover their activity.   

It is no longer sufficient for finance and insurance companies to mandate their customers to observe the necessary rules, they must proactively ensure that the vessels and their operators are not breaching these regulations. 

How we support you in solving these challenges?

Combining domain awareness and Artificial intelligence

In order to track vessels and alert on potential breaches of sanctions resulting from port calls to sanctioned countries or transfer of goods at sea from other vessels which may be carrying sanctioned cargo, the SiriusInsight platform monitors a number of signals to highlight the risk for any single vessel.  It uses global AIS tracking, validated by public and private sourced supporting data, including satellite imagery to deliver an informed picture to the necessary stakeholders.


The SiriusCompliance tool can be updated instantly to reflect changes in sanction regulations.

Our Solutions

As a leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the marine environment, Sirius Insight delivers integrated and enhanced information to help you make informed critical decisions. We support you with your challenges, from understanding what your problems are to supplying you with automated and actionable information that can be used. Our range of applications to view this information is what makes us unique.



The SiriusCompliance sanction tool uses many years of vessel history informed by AIS and satellite imagery to determine unusual activity.


It tracks vessels by global AIS, validated by satellite imagery where available, and provides alerts on potential breaches of sanctions by monitoring signals such as proximity to sanctioned ports, anchorages and known illegal vessels and AIS 'behaviour'.

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