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More Insights and Less Data Please

We’ve all suffered from information overload.  With an ever increasing amount of data becoming available, the chance that it will happen again is not going to decrease.  We could limit the amount of data to an acceptable level but then we would miss out on some opportunities.  So what do we need to do?

If we leave the collection and analysis of the data to someone or something else we might be able to focus on what is really important – the insight or understanding of the situation.  The nautical world provides many good examples of this.  For example: before the days of AIS shipowners might have had to manage one telephoned report of a vessel’s progress a day.  That was useful as far as it went.  Today that information is provided at a frequency measured in seconds. With automated analysis of all this data we can glean a mass of useful information which might help in operating the vessel or fleet more efficiently, evaluating the vessel’s performance, spotting anomalous or unauthorised behaviour, etc etc.  Our insight into the overall situation will have improved dramatically.

The platform provides risk and sanction tools for marine brokers and underwriters, shipowners, fleet managers and many other operators in other sectors with invaluable insights.  By ingesting and fusing data from multiple sources the information is cross-checked before it is analysed.  Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology the platform then displays the data in a digestible format and provides the operator with insights pertinent to his work.

So we don’t need less data. More is good and that means better insights.

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