• Anthony Rix

"If ships only told the truth"

Since the introduction of ‘Automatic Identification System’ (AIS) for shipping almost 20 years ago and more recently Satellite-sourced AIS, activity in the maritime environment has become more transparent. Aside from the original purpose of AIS as an aid to reduce ship collisions, a vast array of other applications has emerged. An AIS-based industry has been spawned, including satellite and terrestrial AIS providers, tracking companies and analysts. Shipowners can now track their fleets across oceans and, with the right analytical capabilities, generate efficiencies in their operational plans. Many other operators including cargo owners, logistic companies, insurers, marine service providers, commodity traders, terminal operators and charterers all benefit from AIS. And regulators have an additional tool to use in their ambition to spot illegal practices at sea such as sanction busting, illegal fishing, marine pollution and smuggling, as long as the perpetrators comply in using AIS as it was intended.

However AIS can be inconsistent. Indeed, the information given by the AIS can be inaccurate and incomplete. Worse still, AIS can be switched off (deliberately or accidentally). Therefore, recipients of AIS data need to be aware of the system’s limitations and be able to verify the data they are presented with.

The SiriusInsight.AI platform fuses data from numerous sources such as AIS, other trackers, Satellite ‘earth observation’ data, terrestrial data and many other sources. The data is then verified and fused and the operator presented with a picture that is not the product of just one, potentially unreliable source. SiriusInsight.AI then goes further by detecting potentially unusual behaviour and analyzing the pattern of life and proposing responses to events.

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